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Our Approach

At Cell Signaling Technology (CST), we do things a bit differently. We were founded by research scientists and are dedicated to serving the needs of scientists and the research community. This mission is reflected in every aspect of our approach. We invite you to explore the topics below and learn more about what the unique CST approach means for you and the success of your research.

Antibody Specificity: Consequences for Research

The integrity of published research has been impacted by reports of inadequately validated antibody specificity. CST scientists share this concern with thought leaders and journal editors in the medical research community, Our product development and management approach reflects our dedication to validating antibody specificity to the highest possible standards.

Antibody Validation Principles

A hallmark of the CST approach is our exceptionally thorough validation of antibodies, including verification of specificity by multiple methods, in multiple cell types, and in response to specific modulators, siRNA knockdown, and phosphatase treatment of phosphoproteins.

How We Select Our Antibody Targets

CST selects high impact targets and the appropriate applications for antibody development. In this process we are able to take advantage of our research collaborations with thought leaders, our scientific seminar series on the CST campus, and our in-house research program surveying global signaling changes in cancers.

About CST Tech Support

The same scientists who produced and validated your antibody will personally answer your email or phone call, sharing their experience and their data.

The CST Antibody Performance Guarantee

Read the details of our promise to you, and how we will assure your satisfaction with the antibodies you purchase from CST.

Product Sizing: Our User-Oriented Approach

CST antibodies are packaged according to the number of assays that a user can expect to perform, rather than by the amount or concentration of protein provided in the vial, and we back this up by providing optimized antibody dilution ranges and protocols for each lot. Packaging according to amount or concentration can present problems for researchers, especially if the antibody is not purified sufficiently to remove nonspecific antibodies or sera proteins.